2021 Preregistration Closed

Preregistration closed December 1.

Registration opens 8:00am January 13, 2021 at the Registration Gate.

COVID-19 Screening for Alafia River Rendezvous https://floridafrontiersmeninc.box.com/s/cejaggya03z5v2la1vmoejxvef7kwiqz

2021 Parental Permission Form https://floridafrontiersmeninc.box.com/s/w74fnv2t0p0u2cmc3lz3zjlpjs4xukyv

If your child under 18 is attending the 2021 Alafia you must complete the Parental Permission Form and send it with the person bringing your child. Form is to be given to the Registration Gate.

2021 Alafia School Letter https://floridafrontiersmeninc.box.com/s/xyowgb4aaveuf44u285se5iyhw520h51

Some families give this to their children’s school for excusing them to be absent so they can attend the Alafia.

2021 Booshway letter https://floridafrontiersmeninc.box.com/s/86j88cth832vg52dlwoeu51f9u8sm3dd