2022 Alafia Archery Results

Archery winners Cubs, 1st Place Gunner Mills, 2nd Place Kyle Zepeda, and 3rd Place Noah Tilton.
Archery Youth winners 1st Place Elijah Rooney, 2nd Place Poe Stirk and 3rd place Josh Kirby.
Womens Archery winners 1st place Jeannine Marchesseau , 2nd place Allica Johnson and 3rd place Diane White.
Mens Archery winners Scott Hofmeister Don Schaefer and Tom Gifford with very close scores.
The Fred Bear Shoot was hosted by Burl Wilson and crew. 1 point for a kill 0 points for anything else. High score was 17 points but everyone came home a winner with lots of prizes. 172 participant cards handed out. 63 Men, 39 women, 36 cubs and 25 youth.