2022 Alafia Seminars

At a Glance Daily Seminar Schedule

Saturday the 17th
1pmEssentials Oil – SanSoucie & 5 Points
Sunday the 16th
9amLoom Weaving – Lee betz & Kelso
12pmMaking Dorest Buttons – School tent
1pmSkull Painting – Lee Betz & 5 Points
1pmInkle Weaving – Lee betz across from the 200yd Range
Monday the 17th
10amScottish Highland Games “How to” Seminar – On the  Commons
11amGreat Kilt Seminar – Seminar Tent
11amFood & Fire : Cooking Implements in Colonial America – Seminar Tent
12pmPot Holders – Lee Betz & Kelso
1pmDrop Spinning – Lee Betz across from the 200yd Range
2pm18th-Century Libations – Lee Betz & Huff
2pmFlorida’s Native History – Seminole Encampment
3pmNative America Story Telling – Seminar Tent 
Tuesday the 18th
10amBlacksmith – Blacksmith Shop at the Barn
10amBeginner Embroidery Classes – Seminar Tent
10amWool Sewing Kit – School Tent
12pmScottish & Scott-Irish Emigration – Seminar Tent 
1pmLeather Clothes Making – Lee Betz & 5 Points
1pmPrimitive Cooking Class – Seminole Encampment
Wednesday the 19th
9pmNatural Dyeing of Fibers- Lee Betz & Kelso
10amBeginning Sewing Class – Seminar Tent
12pmHand Turning Rope Making – Seminar Tent
1pmEssentials Oil – SanSoucie & 5 Points
1pmKid’s Leather Pouch – Lee Betz & 5 Points
1pmHistory Of Distillation – Seminar Tent
3pmNeedle Felting – Seminar Tent
Thursday the 20th
10amFlorida Pioneer & Cracker History – Seminar Tent
Friday  the 21st
9amWalk thru the Woods – Seminar Tent
10amBed Turning –  Seminar Tent
Saturday the 22nd
9amWood Block Printing – Seminar Tent
10amCorn Husk Dolls – Seminar Tent
11am Ojibwa Dreamcatchers – Seminar Tent
1pmHanky or Pew Doll – Seminar Tent         
2pmLakota Sioux No Face Doll  – Seminar Tent