Alafia Seminar Spotlights

Spotlights highlights a few of the 35 seminars being presented at the 2022 Alafia River Rendezvous.

Florida Pioneer History 1763 to the End of the 2nd Seminole War and Scottish and Scots-Irish History in North America and Florida from the 1730’s to 1840.

Meet Donald Saba. He will be presenting two very interesting seminars.The first presentation will be on Florida Pioneer History from the British Period of 1763 to the end of the 2nd Seminole War. Mr.Saba will explain the various origins of the term Cracker and Florida Cracker, the migration of the Scots-Irish to Florida, the culture, food, music, and the origins of the first cattle, and horses to North America. He will also talk about early Cracker home styles. He will also talk about the early Cracker Cow Hunter and the use of the whip to drive the cattle which began in the 1830″s, along with the Cracker Horses, Cracker Cows, and the special breed of dogs. For this presentation he will be dressed in the Scots-Irish Long Hunter clothing from the 1760’s to the end of the 1790″s.The second presentation will be on Scottish and Scots-Irish emigration and history in North America and Florida from the 1730’s to 1840. Mr. Saba will talk about the family warrior culture that the Scottish Highlanders and the Scots-Irish brought with them based on centuries of tradition and how the Scottish Highlanders participated in the War of Jenkins Ear at The Battle of Ft. Mose outside of St. Augustine and the Battle of Bloody Creek on St. Simons Island, Ga. He will also talk about Scottish and Scots-Irish culture and music. He will integrate within my narrative a few Scottish and Scots-Irish folk songs on the Harmonica in B Flat and end with a rendition of Amazing Grace. For this presentation he will be dressed in a Great Kilt depending on the weather or in a Ulster Scot (Scot-Irish) or a McKenzie Kilt.

Make a Wool Sewing Kit

Please meet Uhma Ruth Py. Miss Uhma has been doing seminars at Alafia for many, many years. We are lucky to have her great wisdom and knowledge of the Eastern Woodland Native Tribes as she is from the Lenape Tribe from the Delaware, and Lancaster County in Eastern Pennsylvania, herself. Miss Uhma is a Native American story teller and weaves beautiful stories that teach many lessons to all who hear them. You won’t want to miss her stories. She also has taught Alafia goers how to make traditional feather fans used in ceremonies and at Pow Wows, antler leather belts, and this Alafia she will be teaching how to make a wool sewing kit, complete with a needle case, wax holder, thimble case, and pin cushion. Look for her events in the gate book. Many thanks to Miss Uhma for her willingness to share her knowledge!

Bed Turning

This year “Bed Turning” is one of our seminars. A “Bed Turning” is an interesting way to tell the stories about antique family heirloom quilts or quilts you know the history of, as well as any quilts made by reenactors. The quilts are stacked high On a display bed and then held up for inspection one by one. As the story of each quilt is shared, the quilt is turned down and folded away so the next quilt in the pile can be displayed. Any interested Alafia participant may participate. In order to do this seminar I need to have people bring quilts. If interested submit Mail to: information@alafiariver.org. It will be in the gate book and if we have enough quilts to do the “Bed Turning.”

Needle Felting

I am pleased to introduce you to one of our wonderful seminars mistresses, Mrs. Ruth Ruthann has continuously supported our event by presenting a seminar each year. This year she will be teaching needle felting. Needle felting is the process of transforming wool into 3D objects using a barbed needle. This is a period correct colonial craft much used in the past by our ancestors. Check your gate book for the time and place.

Ladies’ Soirée and Tea.

Come meet your neighbors by attending the annual Ladies’ Soirée and Tea. This year we will have guest speaker, Michelle Begue presenting on topic: Proper Ladies Colonial Clothing. We will taste teas from around the world and music will be provided by a special guest. We ask that each lady bring two small sweets or snacks to share. Tasting cups will be available or you can bring your own tea cup and saucer. Huckleberries will escort the ladies through camp, so wear your finest. Huckleberries are invited to tea concluding promenade through camp.

Beginner Embroidery Class, Beginner Sewing Class

Meet Victoria Rumble and her husband. Victoria has graciously offered to teach three classes: Beginner Embroidery Class, Beginner Sewing Class, and a very special class called Food and Fire Cooking Implements in Colonial America.  She recently wrote an article for Early American Life magazine on Colonial Embroidered Clothing and Accessories. (June, 2001 issue). Miss Victoria also has a blog called The Historic Foodie’s Blog. This blog rambles through the world of historic foods and cooking to include gardening history, poultry history, dress history, and all manners of material culture.  Come see Miss Victoria and learn all she has to offer.