Alafia River Rendezvous®

Seminars and Demonstrations

Seminars and Demonstrations

Seminars and Demonstrators Presented at the 2019 Alafia

• Straw Hat Decorating-Lady Evelyn help you decorate your hat. Tailor’s Guide and Just Two Tailors.
• Loomed Wash Cloth Project-a simple project to make a facecloth using the continuous strand weaving method. Hillcreek Fibers
• Leather Clothes Making Class- by Kentucky Leather
• Erecting Tentage and Methods of Storm Proofing- by Tony Triplet and Hank Steinmetz.
• Painting with Pigments- Cody of Kentucky Leather.
• Libations Seminar – 18th century history and social etiquette of consuming alcohol. By Don Boger
• Make a Waistcoat -with Beth Webb of 96th District-
• Plein Air Oil Painting- with Pumpkin Primitives.

Plein Air Oil Painting- taught by Renee Gillespie Pumpkin Primitives

• Make a Chemise-Class goes on all day. Tailor’s Guide and just Two Sisters.
• Leather Journals-Learn to make a beautiful leather journal with Kentucky Leather.
• Block Printing- Block print a scarf by using carved blocks to print your fabric as they did in Colonial times. By Jan Lowe
• Paper Marbling-Learn the art of creating marbled papers that have been done for hundreds of years. Pumpkintown Primitives

Paper Marbling Class by Renee Gillespie of Pumpkintown Primitives

• Magic Tricks of the Time by Top Hat.
• Marbled Box-Learn how to line or cover a box. Pumpkintown Primitives.
• A Sewing Seminar – Beth from 96th District. Project
• Ladies’ Dress Tailor’s Guide and Just Two Sisters.
• Ladies Jacket Sewing Seminar- Tailor’s Guide and Just Two Sisters.
• Water Color Painting-Gain inspiration from 1790’s artist Thomas Coram, landscape artist. Pumpkintown Primitives.
• Black Seminal Traditions and Foods- by Calvin and Victoria Thornton.
• Wax Keepers for Sewing-Make a simple wax keeper for sewing. By Uhma Ruth.
• Thimble Keepers for Sewing-Make a simple thimble keeper for sewing by Uhma Ruth.
• Ladies Partially Boned Stays- Tailor’s Guide and Just Two Sisters.
• Native American Dice Game for Kids-Make a Native American dice game and learn how to play the game. Make a necklace from your winnings
• Ojibwa Dream Catcher Workshop-Learn how to weave an Ojibwa dream net that will catch your bad dreams.
• Hanky Doll Workshop for Kids- Learn how to make and the customs associated with a hanky doll also called a pew doll.
• Glengarry Hat- Make a period correct Scottish or Irish Glengarry Hat from silk.
• Reticule- Make a simple Colonial silk reticule (purse), patterned after original pieces.
• Simple Sewing: Project; Pin Cushion-Make a simple little pin cushion out of period correct materials.
• All Day Catch-Up for Sewing Projects taught by Tailor’s Guide and Just Two Sisters,
• Fiber Arts Seminar- Carding, spinning, weaving, knitting, and crocheting. Martha McDonald and Michelle Begue.

Tailor Rick Haven of Just Two Tailors held classes all week.