The Alafia River Rendezvous®

January 13-24, 2021

Take a trip back in time. Come see a living portrayal of pre-1840 America. The event is has approximately 1400 participants who are dressed in clothing and staying in tents and shelters that would have been seen in pre-1840 America.

Visitors will enjoy a program of music, games, and see artisans demonstrating crafts such as flint knapping, broom making, blacksmithing, soap making, weaving and more. There will be vendors for food and pre-1840 merchandise for sale.

This annual event helps provide scholarships to local high school students as well as other educational and learning opportunities for the public.

For information email information@alafiariverrendezvous.org

Largest Rendezvous in the Country (Photo by Ava Francesca)
Alafia Trophy Shoot