2021 Alafia Forms

2021 Alafia Forms

2021 Parental Permission Form link If your child under 18 is attending the 2021 Alafia you must complete the Parental Permission Form and send it with the person bringing your child. Form is to be given to the Registration Gate. 

2021 Alafia School Letter link Some families give this to their children’s school for excusing them to be absent so they can attend the Alafia.

2021 COVID Wavier and Release of Liability Link This form is for everyone to know that you have verified that you and those with you understand that the FLORIDA FRONTIERSMEN, INC. are making every effort to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus during the 2021 Alafia River Rendezvous, and that you are attending at your own risks.

ALAFIA RIVER RENDEZVOUS 2021 COVID-19 SCREENING TOOL Please bring this form with you unfilled. You will complete it when you go through the COVID Screening at the check point coming onto the property.