Modern Camping Area
a. Generator operation in the modern camping area will be allowed from 6:00 a
to 10:00 pm only. Generators producing noise levels louder than 60 dB 20 feet
away from source will not be allowed. In any event any generator running in
modern camp that can be heard in the primitive encampment area will not be
b. Port-a-potties may be emptied into the provided chemical toilets only.
c. Toilets from motor homes/RVs may be emptied by making arrangements with
the governor for a fee. Sanitation pits may NOT be dug.
d. A walkway to the primitive encampment (Modern Walk-Through) is located at
the wood fence across from the Governor’s site. A participant who is not a Club
member is not allowed to use the Club service road to enter or exit the event
unless the participant is accompanied by a Club member or receives permission
for special circumstances from the Booshway.
e. An area designated as the Electrical Accommodations Area (EAA) is for Club
members, only. The participant modern area begins at the Modern Walk-
Through and continues north toward the registration tent.
f. The Modern Governor or Marshal is available to help participants find a site the
first 3 days of the event. After the event goes primitive, signs will direct
participants to the available sites if neither the Governor or Marshal is present.
Participants should pull off the road, park, and walk into the modern area to
check sites. There is no turn-around for an RV. Workers at the registration gate
also can contact the Modern Governor or Marshal to help a participant locate a
suitable site.
g. Only one RV is allowed per modern camping site. Additionally, one or two tents
may be allowed on the site with the RV, depending on the size of the tents and
the size of the site. Alternatively, if there will be no RV on the site, up to three
tents may be allowed, depending on the size of the tents and the size of the
site. The Modern Governor reserves the right to limit the number of lodges on any
site to prevent overcrowding. All RVs, tents, and vehicles must be located behind
the stakes and markings that designate the front of the site for safety reasons.
All RVs must be parked perpendicular to the roadway.
h. Modern sites are for camping and are not for parking cars. Therefore, a participant
may park a vehicle in a modern camp site only if the participant is camping in an
RV or a tent that is located on that same site. Also, only two driveable vehicles are
allowed per site. If the RV is a driveable vehicle, then only one other vehicle is
allowed on the site. Each vehicle must have a car label with the campsite number.
All other cars must be parked in the participant parking lot.
i. Club members can mark their personal modern site following the same rules as
those in Section 6.a. The exception is members must have a tent or RV on the
site by Sunday before early set-up begins. All empty sites will be cleared of any
roping and stakes after that Sunday.
j. This area is first-come-first-served, only. A participant may not save or reserve a
site for another participant who will arrive at a later time. After the event begins on
the first Wednesday of early set-up, a site may be claimed by a participant only by
checking in with the Modern Governor or Marshal who will record the site selection.
The participant must set up their camp on the selected site on the day they check
in. If the participant must leave the site for a few hours with no RV, other vehicle,
or tent on the site, then it is suggested that the participant leave some kind of
camping gear, such as chairs, a tarp, etc. on the site.
k. Fires must be in a dug pit or a metal fire-ring. Fires must be attended at all times.
All fires must have a 5-gallon bucket of water or five-pound fire extinguisher close
l. All tents and RVs must be registered with the location station in the primitive area.
Once registered, a lodge ribbon must be displayed on each RV or tent.
m.Modern Camp Pet Rules can be found in Section 18 Alafia River Rendezvous Animal
n. Utility trailers are not allowed in the Modern Camping area.
o. To request an exception to any of these rules, see the Modern Governor, who will
determine if an exception is warranted. The decision of the Modern Governor
regarding all exceptions is final.